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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: Will you buy a gun I want to sell?
Answer: Most likely, but before we say yes or no we would like to look at your firearm in person first. 

2. Question: Do I need an appointment to transfer a firearm to a person I am selling it to or am receiving it from?
Answer: No, Private party transfers can walk in anytime during our regular business hours and one hour prior to closing.

3. Question: Can I have a firearm shipped to you that I ordered online(transfer)?
Answer: Yes, and our transfer fee is $39.

4. Question: If I order a firearm online that is being shipped to you, can someone else pick it up?
Answer: No, the persons name that is on the order must be the one to pick it up.

5. Question: Do I need an appointment to pickup a firearm I ordered online(transfer)?
Answer: No, unlike other local shops that require the hassle of an appointment; we do not require an appointment.

6. Question: Do you order firearms in for customers?
Answer: Yes we do, we require a 50% deposit at the time the order is placed.

7. Question: Do you offer "lay-a-way"?
Answer: Yes, we offer a 60 day program at no extra cost!

8. Question: Do I need an appointment to come in during your business hours?
Answer: No, during our regular business hours we are open to the public and you may walk in.

9. Question: Will you work on my Taurus firearm?
Answer: No, we do not offer any services for Taurus products or any company they own.

10. Question: Can you finish my "80%" rifle and/or pistol frame for me?
Answer: No, we do not offer ANY services for "80%" receivers/frames.

11. Question: Will you install parts I supply for my firearm project?
Answer: Yes, we will gladly install customer supplied parts. However we do not guarantee or warranty said parts.

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