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J.C. Hoffa is a graduate of the gunsmithing program at Trinidad State Junior College and the Brownells Trinidad American Firearms Technology Institute third year program. J.C. has spent three years under the supervision of Speedy Gonzalez, a world bench rest champion and Hall Of Famer. He has competed in the Texas State Championships for F-class at 800/900/1000 yards. Custom tactical rifles, 1911's and AR-15's are his specialties as well as revolvers and hunting rifles.

Some of his accomplishments are working on an Amarillo Texas police sniper rifle and a Trinidad police sniper rifle. J.C. has also built a custom 1/2 oz Jewel trigger that was installed in a National F-class champion's gun and a full custom 1911 for a New Mexico state
trooper that placed in Nationals for PPC.

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